Peer recovery platform

Powering Peer Work.

Powering Peer Work.

Rex is a software solution that helps peer organizations thrive and grow.

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Rex is a software solution that helps peer organizations thrive and grow.

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Peer recovery platform

Helping peer organizations thrive and grow.

Powering Peer Work.

Rex is a software solution built by peers. For peers.

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Rex is a software solution that helps peer organizations thrive and grow.

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• Program budgets
• Peer providers
• Resources
• Peer engagements

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• Budget trends
• Peer check-ins
• Payroll
• Outcomes

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• Give funding partners data-driven reports to prove program efficacy and grow your funding.

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Supervise your team

Keep up-to-date on any device. See all of your new and existing engagements. Review budgets. Get alerts. Visualize data and results.

Peer Coach

Peer work. Anywhere. Anytime.

Coaches see their progress in real time. Beautiful, simple dashboards make it easy to assess engagements, log hours, and see red flags.

Peer Assessments

Connect with peer participants

Pre-built and custom check-ins (assessments) help you analyze and measure your peer engagements in a variety of settings.

Peer Tracking

Track and log everything

Coaches track and log their hours on each engagement and participant which allows for full visibility into time tracking and program budgets.

Peer Chat Communications

Stay connected around the work

Coaches and supervisors can directly communicate about engagements and participants in the place where all of the work is happening.

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Focus on people not paperwork.

Peer provider programs are complex. Our data-driven approach helps you run your programs more effectively, show results, and grow your budgets so that you can reach more people in your community.

Get Organized
Supervise Peers
Manage Payroll
Customize Data
Visualize Info
Improve Outcomes
Report Results
Grow Funding

“We built Rex because there was nothing out there to help us run our peer programming and do our peer work.”

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

Tanya Kraege, Founder, Ventus Rex

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Safe Communities Rex Beta Install

Program budgets tracked by Rex
Cases/Engagements in Rex
Case/Engagement hours

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We’ll show you Rex inside and out. See how Rex can help your organization grow and thrive.


Peer work has been studied most in the mental health and substance use recovery spaces. They support people’s progress towards recovery and self determined lives by sharing vital experiential information and real examples of the power of recovery.

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Peer work is taking off across many sectors because it works. Peer providers work in a range of settings including recovery community centers, recovery residences, criminal justice settings, child welfare agencies, behavioral and primary care settings, hospital emergency settings, homeless shelters, drug courts, and other peer-run organizations.

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Built with Peer Work in Mind

Data-Driven Peer Approach.

Setup, monitor, track, and report results in real time across all of your peer coaches.

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Testimonials from Peer Recovery Coaches

Using REX as a supervisor is significantly easier, less time-consuming, and significantly more effective. I can build reports that will show me how people are entering their time, check-ins, engagements, goals/barriers, and anything else I could want. It will compile data from all their cases/engagements and output them into an easy-to-read report.

Overall, REX has changed everything for the better. I honestly can’t think of a single thing that was better before we started using REX.

Dexter Lane, Safe Communities
Lana Hamilton

My opinion of REX instead of the old way of logging my time and managing my Peers is like living in today’s world with our best technology.  I can’t even imagine going back to our old way. To have everything at my fingertips on my iPhone is second to none. Most of the time I do my work on my laptop but if I have to, I can do what I need from my phone. It helps to have all the information that I need with me as well. Another benefit is that this PHI is protected on my iPhone… it wasn’t as secure before when I had to put in a lot of effort to keep my files private. My work is much easier using REX.

Lana Hamilton, Team Lead, Safe Communities
Joseph Galey

Compared to walking around with suitcase like file boxes, like a traveling lawyer, I’m going to say…… ya, it’s exponentially better than before. It provides me with more time to provide direct service and less stress keeping information together. I think it leads to better health care outcomes. In my opinion it is mutually beneficial tool, for the person providing services and the person receiving services.

Joseph Galey, Recovery Coach, Safe Communities

Peer Recovery

Peer Providers are Powerful.

Peer providers break down barriers of experience and understanding that may be present with members of the primary treatment team. The peer provider’s role is to assist people with finding and following their own recovery paths, without judgment, expectation, or requirements.

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